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  • Ingmar obtained his senior teaching qualification from the department of physics.
  • Publication in New Journal of Physics! We investigated how the band gap of well-defined graphene nanoribbonds is affected by lateral bending of the ribbon.
  • Gaetano Calogero joined the group as an exchange student from the University of Catania. Welcome Gaetano!


  • Publication in Physical Review Letters! We showed that contrast in AFM images cannot always be interpreted as being due to a chemical bond.
  • Publication in Science! Together with reseachers from Antwerp and the TU Delft, we unraveled the geometric structure of atomically coherent quantum dot supercrystals.
  • Master student Peter Jacobse was awarded a PhD position within the framework of the Debye graduate program. Congratulation Peter!
  • Publication in ACS Nano In this article we show that sample corrugation affects the apparent bond lengths as measured using atomic force microscopy with molecule terminated tips. Two factors contribute: tip relaxations and a non-symmetric background force acting on the tip. This limits the achievable accuracy in normal-mode AFM.
  • FOM vrij progamma granted FOM granted funding for our collaborative research project entitled: Designing Dirac carriers in semiconductor honeycomb superlattices. Total value of the grant: 2.3M€